The Best Onewheel Accessories for Beginners – Uses and How It Can Improve Your Experience

The Best Onewheel Accessories for Beginners – Uses and How It Can Improve Your Experience

When I first got my Onewheel GT, I bought every accessory that came with it. I had no idea that there was so much to it, but I was eager to learn more and so I spent hours on YouTube watching videos. I also made sure to track the status of my Onewheel during shipping. Buying all the accessories that came with it made me a Onewheel master. Here are the best onewheel accessories for beginners. Read on to find out!


If you’re looking for the best Onewheel accessory for beginners, FlightFins are the way to go. They give you a snowboard-like binding to the board, allowing you to jump and drop with your Onewheel. However, it is important to note that using FlightFins is the riskiest accessory to purchase, as you’re effectively locking yourself to the board. Beginner riders should use caution when using these fins.

FlightFins are great accessories to buy for the Onewheel, as they help you perform tricks and jumps with ease. Onewheels are self-balancing electric skateboards with a single wheel in the middle. FlightFins attach to the fender and give riders a foothold when performing tricks and jumping obstacles. The Rush brothers started their company in 2018 and have since been awarded two patents and have rolled out an extensive product line.

Another great accessory is a fender. These are particularly useful for beginners, as they can get really dirty in muddy conditions. Using a fender will help keep your clothes from getting dirty, too. Having a fender on your Onewheel is a great idea! It will also help keep your onewheel clean in muddy conditions. It will also prevent debris from clinging to your clothes and clothing.


The Maghandle is a must-have Onewheel accessory for beginners. This handy accessory allows you to carry your Onewheel easily. The magnetic device that secures it to your board is easy to attach and detach from your hands. The Maghandle comes in a variety of sizes to fit different riders and riding styles. Beginners can use the basic Maghandle or upgrade to a Maghandle Pro if they’re looking for a more durable model.

When you buy a Maghandle, you’ll be able to mount your Onewheel safely and securely. The device features two swivel fender mounting systems that allow you to attach it to the deck. It also features a split fender, which includes grooves on both the inside and outside surface. The Onewheel is designed to be a one-wheel scooter, so you’ll want to get the right one to fit your body type.

Another great Onewheel accessory for beginners is the Onewheel Car Holder, which attaches to the side of the Onewheel like a plate. While you can mount your Onewheel in a trunk, it’s heavy and could damage other items. Even worse, it could damage your car itself. There are reports of this happening on subreddits and in car trunks. Fortunately, the Onewheel Car Holder has a low profile, making it perfect for beginners and even pros.

Float Plates

If you are a Onewheel beginner, you may be wondering whether to use stock float plates or an upgrade. The stock plastic plate compartments aren’t tough enough to protect your Onewheel from nosedives and tail slides, and the stock float plates don’t protect your controller or battery. Float plates are designed for more impact than the stock plastic plates, and they are self-lubricating, so you’ll save time waxing your Onewheel and protecting the battery and controller compartments.

There are many ways to carry your float plate. Onewheel pints are easy to carry thanks to their stock Maghandle. Float plates for onewheel beginners have a handle cutout to accommodate your stock Maghandle. Float plates for onewheel beginners are also available for purchase separately, so you can carry them anywhere you go. For onewheel beginners, a stock Maghandle is the best choice, but a built-in handle cutout on the Solo float plate is convenient.

Another option for Onewheel float plates is the Funwheel by Fungineer. There are a number of other float plate options available in the market, and users are working on replacing the internals of the device with VESC-based parts. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can also consider purchasing a pre-owned model. However, it’s important to remember that customizing your Onewheel will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Float Life

There are many benefits to purchasing Float Life onewheel accessories for beginners. The tires, for example, have been designed for off-road riding and are made of durable rubber. The new tires also help beginners achieve sharper turns, better handling, and more precise maneuvers while maintaining stability. A few things to watch out for before you buy a new tire are tread pattern, size, and price. In addition, you will want to make sure that your onewheel has proper bearings.

Onewheel Fender. Onewheels have rubber tires, so a fender can help prevent damage from rocks or rubble. If you ride in muddy water, your fender can protect your onewheel from the water, but it can also peel off the grip tape. If you purchase a fender from Float Life, you can rest assured that it will protect your Onewheel and will last for many months.

Adjustable crank size. A good onewheel pin accessory allows you to customize your crank size. These accessories are cheap and effective. They can also help you stop the board on steep terrain. Aside from making riding easier, the Onewheel can help you improve your balance. You can even do exercises on the board while riding it, which can help you achieve your ultimate goal of learning to balance! When you’ve got the hang of it, you can even try it out on the water and practice your balance.

Land Surf

For those of you who want to learn to ride on a Land Surf onewheel, there are some accessories that are essential for beginners. FlightFins are a unique Onewheel accessory that adds snowboard-style bindings. This allows you to jump and drop off with your board. The only downside to this accessory is that it is the most dangerous since it literally locks you onto your board. Beginners should always use caution when using these fins.

A Onewheel’s grip is made of plastic and can break easily, so it’s important to get a quality grip handle. Several manufacturers offer to handle options that connect along the side rail. A fender can be difficult to replace, but a bumper is nearly as simple. Bumpers also protect the board from plastic wear. Most users replace their bumpers after they break, which is easy to do. There are several different ways to attach a Onewheel handle.

The most popular Onewheel stand is the Landslide. It looks sleek on the wall and rests the Onewheel in its rail. OneWheel also makes stands for Onewheels, including the Side Stand, Wave, and Deep Shack. Those who don’t feel comfortable using a Onewheel stand can make their own using 3D printing files. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-assembled stand from the Onewheel website.


Onewheel owners can customize the look of their board with various accessories. Some of the accessories simply protect the board from accidents, while others are designed to make tricks easier or cooler. Onewheel owners should always wear a helmet to protect their heads and a pair of gloves for additional protection. Onewheel accessories include a backpack and a handle to help beginners get on and off their board. Beginners can also use the DIY paracord handle to connect to their board. Several tutorials for DIY handles are available on the Onewheel website and on the Internet.

Onewheel riders can purchase a flight deck, which is a split fender with grooves on the outside. A lightweight fender is also available. Some riders like to ride without a fender, or they install a smaller version. Floater Shack offers the largest selection of wedges. The Wedge Pro Fender has a slick design and can be purchased in a wide variety of colors.

Onewheel accessories for beginners can include bumpers, which fit on the bottom of the board underneath the footpads. They are nearly as easy to replace as a fender and can add a pop of color to the board while protecting the deck from plastic wear and tear. Most users replace their bumpers when they get broken, but the replacement process is simple and easy. After a year of Onewheel riding, you’ll have plenty of accessories to customize your board.