Top History Museums You Must Visit

Top History Museums You Must Visit

Museums have always had a huge significance on people by displaying different kinds of aspects that improve their knowledge. The aspects that it brings forward tends to remind us of history and how it changed over time. Such forms of information need to be analysed for all the right reasons. By doing so, we can understand the impact of this change and how humanity has either come ahead or gone behind. Thus, the importance of history is something that we cannot ignore, and museums are the ideal places that will teach you the same. So to help you with your curiosity, here are some of the top history museums you must visit.

1. Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum was founded in 2003 and is considered to be one of the finest archaeological museums that focuses on the findings of the original archaeological Acropolis of the Athens site. It was conceived in 1976 to make space for bigger exhibitions and space for visitors from all around the world. Due to that, the museum now has 14,000 square metres of space that includes nearly 4,000 objects from the Roman period, Byzantine Greece and the Greek Bronze Age.

2. The Army Museum

The Army museum is known to be an essential tourist spot in Paris since it is the largest military art and history museum in the world. Their exhibits cover France’s military history beginning from the 13th century. The museum also features top structures like the central edifice of the Cathedral of St.Louis des Invalides, Napoleon Bonaparte’s tomb and others. The close access that it brings on board to the Museum of Military Models is another aspect that draws a massive crowd to this place.

The army museum

3. Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia Museum is considered to be the world’s most prominent museum that displays monuments of art and architecture. By doing so, the museum decodes an important part of history that stands to be both remarkable and inspiring. Their exhibits go as back as the 6th century with unique collections covering essential parts of history. Long and essential recorded stories of the Ottoman empire and the diversity of the building’s history are all here.

4. Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum is the top museum in Singapore, and it manages to provide a broad and integrated idea of the Pan-Asian culture, and its civilisations. Due to that, you will be glad to find the social history of numerous places like China, South Asia, Southeast Asia and West Asia. Thanks to all that, the museum has also been given the tagline, ‘where Asain cultures come alive!’. Considering the diverse collections that it brings to the table, anyone would happily say that the tagline is apt.